Ashley peeved at Will.i.Am over Cheryl car crash

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Despite the fact that Ashley and Cheryl Cole divorced two years ago, it’s clear that the Chelsea star will always have a place in his heart for her. Cole was reportedly besides himself with worry concerning his ex-wife’s well-being after she got into a car crash with celeb buddy and manager Will.i.am in Los Angeles last week.

For those who haven’t heard, Cheryl was in the passenger seat while Will.i.am was driving in LA earlier this month, when he crashed into a parked car.¬†Will.i.am was taken to hospital to receive treatment, while Cheryl was left with her arm in a sling but fortunately was not seriously injured. Ex-husband Ashley was so worried when he heard news of the accident that he offered to fly out to LA to check she was fine. A source said: “It was never going to happen because the football season’s started, but he knew it was an offer she’d appreciate. Ash got a call telling him about the accident and the first thing he did was text Cheryl to check she was OK.”

Maybe Ashley should have sent another text asking Will.i.am to drive more safely in future…

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