NHS puts the spotlight on black health heroes

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As we approach October and Black History month, the NHS has put a well-deserved spotlight on black health heroes.
NHS Choices, the national website of the NHS is profiling those members of the African and Caribbean community who have dedicated themselves to improving the health and quality of life of others. In addition, the site also offers information on health conditions particularly likely to affect the black population.
Amongst the health heroes celebrated are Dr. Tunji Lasoye- an A&E consultant and surgeon who deals closely with victims of knife crimes; Rudolph Isaacs- a rare type blood donor who makes vital donations to sickle cell sufferers and Nola Ishmael OBE- a trailblazer acknowledged for her contributions to nursing.
Recent statistics from the NHS Information Centre show that BME (black and minority ethnic) hospital doctors on the rise. The number has increased 73% from 22,775 in 2000 to 39,476 in 2010.
For more info on NHS Choices and other black health heroes, visit www.nhs.uk/blackhistorymonth


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