24 Carat Tresses

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Want to know the secret behind expensive looking hair? Well wonder no more, says Shevelle Rhule.

The difference from looking good and looking spectacular often begins and ends with your tresses. There is something about shiny, glossy and immaculate-looking hair that screams solid gold expense. “The key to having amazing hair is to keep it healthy. Beyoncé takes great care of her hair and, as a result, it’s very healthy,” explains Kim Kimbles, hairstylist to some of the biggest stars in the business, including Beyoncé, Mary J Blige, Shakira and Kerry Washington. “She also has a great cut and colour, which contributes as well.” Of course, this is easier said than done. The benefits of being famous mean you can afford to have the best of everything, be it the best hair experts, the best hair additions or the best products money can offer. So if money IS an object, how do you get expensive hair without a ridiculous over the top price tag? “I would say that the secret starts with the health. Hair should be trimmed on time so that strands from the roots to tip are level and you don’t lose volume or body. In order to keep hair in good shape, you should aim to have fortnightly treatments too,” says celebrity stylist to Angelica Bell and Cleo Soul, Dionne Smith.

While regular treatments are not new advice, what you should consider is whether you are having the right treatment for your hair needs. We can all have lots of treatments but if it’s not providing the hair with the right nutrients, the results may not be what you hope for. “Treatments do vary from person to person and between hair types, so it’s always good to have a consultation to make sure you’re treating what needs to be treated. You may be treating your hair with moisture when what it needs is protein. I love the Keracare Intensive Restorative Masque, it’s an amazing Protein treatment.” Also, try looking at your hair regime. Are the products you’re using giving your tresses everything it needs to be healthy and strong? A simple change such as using natural oils like Argan or olive oil over heavy petroleum-based hair pomades can make all the difference.

You only have to look at Michelle Obama to know a good blow-dry instantly makes your mane luxurious. It gives tresses desirable movement and a glossiness that looks really expensive. “A great blow-dry always gives life to hair. Apply a little serum beforehand, but not enough to weigh the hair down, then blow-dry using a round brush in a circular motion, pulling up all the time. Movability and healthy ends can make or break a good blow-dry,” agrees Dionne. Celebrities rarely stick to their God-given hair colour, often adding bold colour or even a splash of high/lowlights to give definition. “I like strategically placed tips and highlights that appear as if your hair has been naturally lightened by the sun. It’s a great summer look, and when your hair is coloured like it’s been naturally lightened, it won’t look weird when your natural colour starts to grow back in,” enthuses Kim. When venturing into the murky world of colour it’s always best to visit a professional, as the finished result is always more sleek and proficient. “Make sure you use colour shampoo and conditioner to preserve the colour. When it does start to change, always have it refreshed to keep it looking healthy and rich,” adds Dionne.

The most visual way to look pricey is with a stunning weave that is made from good quality hair and blends impeccably with your natural locks. The best hair extensions to use are virgin Remy or Brazilian styles, as they are produced using higher quality sources and have one-directional cuticles for longevity. Award-winning stylist Hector Obeng’s great new hair range, H-Elite, is high-quality virgin hair that last up to an incredible 20 months.“Having worked with several brands, I wanted H-Elite virgin hair to be different and have a real relaxed Afro texture. All the hair I used before was too silky or would tangle and shed easily! With H-Elite I created that desired relaxed Afro feel that is soft to touch and extremely durable.” It is also best to dye virgin hair at the salon, rather than opting for pre-coloured hair, in order for the shade to look most natural and fashionable. While celebrities still invest in lace front wigs, weaves remain the better option for the average women. “I think hair weaves are easier to maintain, so I prefer them. The lace front is better when you have someone, ie. a stylist, to help you take care of it. It’s not good to wear everyday and it’s hard to maintain for everyday use,“ adds Kim.

So the secret behind expensive looking hair is really pretty simple: start by reevaluating your hair regime, getting rid of the products that weigh your hair down and replacing with those that provide your strands with nutrients. Invest in fabulous hair additions, which may be expensive up front, but prove worthwhile in the long run. Of course, you should also find a fantastic hairdresser who you trust to give you a glossy bounce that makes you feel a million dollars.


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