Afro Freeze

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Pride talks to Senior Stylist at Jimmy Campbell, Sarah Mabika for her top tips on caring for Afro hair in winter.

1 Moisturise

Keeping your hair moisturised, conditioned and trimmed regularly is an absolute must for preventing breakage and minimizing split ends this season.Some of the conditioners you used in warmer months are likely to be not as effective in these cooler months. To reduce dryness this winter switch to a moisture-rich conditioner, and include an intensive treatment more regularly into your regime too.

2 Limit Shampoo Cleansing

To keep hair from drying out try shampooing less often with the ‘no shampoo method’ or ‘co-washing’ as it often referred too, which is washing hair with a conditioner rather then a cleanser. Afro’s kinky curl pattern makes it more difficult for the oil secreted from the scalp to reach the ends of the hair so stripping the hair of its natural oils too regularly can be damaging.

Turn Off The Heat

Hair tends to be more vulnerable during the winter chill so consider natural styles such as braids, twist-outs or a puff, which can be achieved without causing more stress to the hair. Blow dryers and curling irons often cause considerable damage to the hair and, in some cases, permanently straighten your natural texture.

4) Shield Your Ends

Once your hair reaches shoulder length, the constant friction caused by your tresses rubbing against your clothes often results in dryness and breakage. Fabric like wool can cause you hair to snag and break off. Avoid this by wearing protective hairstyles, which don’t leave your ends exposed, and keep your ends well conditioned. Wearing protective styles is always a good idea for keeping hair ends up and out of sight allowing them to retain moisture and they work especially well in winter for protecting your hair from harsh weather. Snow, sleet and heat won’t be able to damage your hair when you keep it styled in buns, top knots, twists, braids and French rolls.

5) Never Comb Dry Hair

Always mist your hair with water or apply a small amount of pomade to your tresses to help the comb glide. Go slowly and if you come across a tangle or knot, try to detangle it with your fingers first before using a comb. Finger combing can significantly reduce breakage of super curly hair. Avoid small combs with sharp teeth, which can tear the hair, instead, use larger wide toothcombs with rounded teeth and smooth edges. Don’t over-brush the hair either as this can also leads to breakage and be sure to invest in a brush with firm bristles and rounded ends like a denim or paddle brush.



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