The Dawn Of The Up-Do

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Wearing your hair down is so last year. Say hello to your bad hair day quick fixes.


Sculpted up-dos with clean lines are all over the catwalk this autumn. This style is all about manipulating hair into creative shapes and daring to make a statement. This is a great look to take you from the office to a night on the town. Up-dos can look great on anyone – just ensure you choose the right style for your face shape. Lacquered knot buns are swept to the side and placed as high as the temple or crown. Or try moving your slick ponytail from the back of your head to the side, and wear it with a glamorous side fringe.


Whether plaits, pleats or twists, hair has been taken back to your school days with messy loose plaits, French braids and Heidi- inspired woven bands. For hair novices, simply adapt this style by adding hippy-type individual braids and pulling hair into a loose pony. Or buy extension hair, braid it into a thick plait and pin it over like a headband.


If sleek and smooth hair isn’t quite your style, then a more relaxed messy quiff and volumized ponytail could be the look for you. Hair should be loosely styled and airy – never overdone. The best quiffs are full of texture, shape and interest. Alternatively, back- comb the hair and tie it at the nape of the neck for a Brigitte Bardot look. This retro style is making a powerful comeback.


Make even the most basic of up-dos dazzle with decadent hair accessories this season. The key to this trend is to strike a balance between your hairstyle and the type of hair accessory. If you have a soft and wavy ethereal chignon, team it with a masculine leather headband. Likewise, a severe and sleek bun should be adorned with pretty feathers or lavish jewelled accessories.


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