Extreme Beauty

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Most women will suffer for beauty, but has Shevelle Rhule met her match in the quest for exquisite skin?

“Please, let it be over, please, let it be over,”

I chant through gritted teeth and clenched hands as a rather dashing French cosmetic doctor applies a clear serum to my face. He affectionately calls it the Princess Peel; however, once applied, it makes me feel less like Cinderella at the ball and more like her ugly sister with her face on fire! This treatment is then followed by a series of unpleasant vitamin injections on my entire face, which is why I am currently a quivering mad woman talking to herself and crying for her mummy.

I should probably explain how I came to be lying on my back, wriggling in discomfort, at the Aesthetic Medical Clinic in Harley Street, being seen by the world-renowned Dr Roman, who has a waiting list of four weeks and who has treated everyone from Arab Princess to South American Singer. Well, I was tricked. Actually, that’s a bit of an exaggeration; it was more of a misunderstanding. You see, I thought I was going for a nice, relaxing facial (I know, perks of the job!) and to simply talk about the slightly more invasive treatments, so you can understand why this whole procedure came as a bit of a shock. Especially since I can categorically state I am a wimp. I have a pain threshold of approximately zero. If anything, beauty treatments included, even hints at any discomfort or pain, well, I’m not interested. A Brazilian bikini wax? No, thanks, I’ll stick to razors. Having my eyebrows threaded? Didn’t you know that big and bushy brows are in?

The next day, Dr Roman’s PR Juliet tries to console me while explaining that the many top beauty editors who have frequented the clinic have been extremely pleased with the treatment. “Oh, did I mention that to see real results you will have to go a minimum of three times?” she adds. No, Juliet, you didn’t. Obviously now, for the sake of my journalistic integrity, I have no choice but to go back. Great.

At least, by the second treatment I am more prepared for the Princess Peel, which consists of a combination of four types of acid containing pH levels lower than 7. Applied to the skin, the acid formulation activates the skin cells into producing more collagen and regulating hyper-pigmentation without the actual skin-peeling effect of other acid treatments. The Nutri Boost injections are a corrective prescription using homeopathic remedies, vitamins and plant extracts to combat overexposure to the sun. Ideal to pick up tired, dull and lifeless skin, this treatment evens out skin tone, flushes out toxins and rebuilds the skin’s structure from the inside out. Dr Roman explains: “The Princess Peel, combined with Nutri Boost, is an ideal treatment for black skin, as it is adaptable to skin that is prone to hyper-pigmentation, ensuring that there are no side effects. As long as the patients follow my personalised recommendations prior to and after the treatment, they will benefit from a clearer, healthier and more even complexion that has been generated deep within the core of the skin’s cells. This treatment helps to regulate pigmentation, which is a main ageing issue for black skin.”

As I look in the mirror at home, I notice the evidence of Dr Roman’s work. I am also pleasantly surprised to see that my face is not mutilated (as I feared), but showing just a few needle pricks that clear by morning. Before long, I notice that my skin tone is more even and glowing, and somebody asks me if I have make-up on when I haven’t. Even so, I am still pretty petrified of going back, especially after Dr Roman casually mentions that he plans on “really going for it” for our last session. I am frightened – I don’t know what “going for it” means, and I am far too scared to ask! Well, going for it consisted of leaving the face peel on for longer (cue thoughts of my face melting) and even more facial injections (cue thoughts of murdering Dr Roman).

But I must admit I was proud of myself by the end of it, as I was absolutely certain I wasn’t going to go back. This treatment is amazing: my skin has never looked better, my complexion is even, clear, radiant and it feels divine. Now I laugh in the face of pain. Bring on the next extreme-beauty treatment!

The Nutri Boost is £280 per session, while the Princess Peel is £280 at the Aesthetic Medical Clinic. For enquiries, call 020 7636 1313.

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