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Many people go about life from day to day feeling down, they have a low opinion of themselves, they are not achieving much, and believe that they never really will. Why is this? By Wayne Jordon

Let me share with you a quick story about my younger sister Nadia to illustrate this. She recently graduated from university and at first she was on a high, knowing she had triumphed through adversity to achieve her goal. However as time progressed she became de-motivated, moping around the house and shying away from applying for work. Finally after several weeks of deliberation, self reflection and a few vision boards later, something changed. Nadia was back! She was (once again) up at 7am, singing Beyoncé songs as she got herself ready to face the day’s challenges and apply for jobs. What caused this drastic change? Nadia decided that in July of 2014, she was going to go travelling for three months around Europe. As simple as that. Nadia had set herself an exciting, specific and realistic goal.

If you recognise that feeling of lack of drive and direction, don’t worry – here are four simple steps which can help you change things:

1 Set yourself some AUDACIOUS goals,
I’m talking some goals that make you feel a little bit of fear, goals that you know deep down, if you mixed a little faith, hard work, commitment and self belief, are certainly POSSIBLE. For example open a flower shop, climb a mountain or write a book. Nadia’s goal was so exciting that she could now face early mornings, mundane job searches and travelling up and down London to interviews because she knows where it will be leading!

2 place a realistic DATE next to these goals.
By doing this you are focusing your efforts more efficiently and gaining perspective on the action you need to take. Because Nadia had said that she is going travelling in July 2014, she knew that she would need to get together some spending money quickly. This made her more determined to find employment.

3 Remind yourself of your own goals.
Now you have set your audacious goal(s), you need to place it where you will regularly come across it, e.g. on the fridge door, by your bed or a post-it note next to your work computer. This will REMIND you of your amazing goal throughout the day and keep you focused, get your subconscious mind to begin working on strategies to get this goal accomplished, and it will keep you motivated in tough times. Nadia has pictures of all the countries in Europe she intends to visit on her bedroom wall. She has also changed her screen saver to a picture of Europe to serve as a constant reminder when she is out and about.

This is the arguably the most important of all the strategies; without it you WILL NOT meet your goal. You MUST take some form of concentrated effort towards meeting your goal every day.

Follow these tactics and watch your life begin to unfold like never before. Of course there are many more motivation strategies which I will be sharing in the months to come, but until then, set yourself some AUDACIOUS goals, and TAKE ACTION… NOW!


Wayne Jordon is a qualified teacher, life coach, motivational speaker and founder of M.A.D workshops. He may be able to advise you with any queries regarding your goals and aspirations. Email: or tweet @waynejordon1

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