Your Horoscopes for July

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Find out if romance is written in the stars or whether a new job is on the cards with your sign star predictions for the month ahead. By Samuel F. Reynolds

Aries: Fortunately, your channels of communication should be markedly improved at the top of the month once Mercury stops his retrograde. You’ll appreciate that since you have business to take care of at home that could consume much of your attention at the top of the month.

Taurus: When Mercury moves forward at the top of the month, you might fancy yourself as fixing things that have gone off the rails this month. However, you’d do better to focus on what to fix than fixing. Save the actual fixing for when you have greater wind in your sails after the 16th.

Gemini: Once Mercury shifts ahead and fixes his face in your sign at the top of the month, you’re more likely to feel in your groove. You still want to go easy on your pocketbook at the top of the month, but go ahead and do a little extra spending and perhaps some travel after the 16th.

Cancer: You can’t let nagging doubts get the best of you, especially at the top of the month once Mercury moves forward. If you’re willing to seize an opportunity that practically flashes in your face, you’re more than likely to see the net benefit of it quickly with a spike of popularity or profitability.

Leo: If you sense there are big changes heading your way, then your head is well lined up with the stars. It does help that Mercury has moved off his retrograde. However, it’s when Jupiter begins his yearlong trek in your sign on the 16th that you can feel like you’re ready to stretch and reach for new heights.

Virgo: Once Mercury gets his forward-motion act together on the 1st of the month, you should be on your way to being your usual precise self. However, be especially careful of attempting to get it too perfect. Precise delivers what’s most efficient and good. Perfection can be more about our egos than what’s necessary.

Libra: Although Mercury moves forward from being retrograde at the very top of the month, it may take until the middle of the month to trust that you’re making the traction you want to make. You may do particularly well on the career front after the 16th. Do as much as you can then without pushing yourself too hard.

Scorpio: When Jupiter lands in Leo this month, it may be the beginning of a yearlong push to achieve something significant or great. You could also even receive a bolster of confidence and encouragement in this regard. Listen well, and don’t think small. It’s okay to take small steps though.

Sagittarius: For the first time in nearly four years, your sign’s patron planet enters a fire sign, Leo, on July 16th. This may spark more fire within to blaze brighter as Jupiter’s yearlong trek wears on. You’ll be happy for that fire since the first half of the month could be tedious.

Capricorn: You’re likely in an interesting space this month. With relationships, you feel optimistic, surprised even by the progress you’re making. Yet you may have a sneaking feeling that there’s something wrong with you, because should feel even more. Give your feelings a little more time, like after the 20th.

Aquarius: If you’ve been having problems on the romantic/love front, you can expect those to improve after Mercury stops his retrograde on the first day of this month. You don’t want to squander that good energy with many work responsibilities, so enjoy the good times as much as you can. Once Saturn moves forward on the 20th, you can concentrate more on work.

Pisces: This month starts with a bolt of energy that could leave you breathless at first. Mercury finds his way forward from his retrograde, and you may quickly have to seize opportunities with work that you didn’t see coming. You may have another surprise romantic occasion at the end of the month.

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