Shape Up For Summer – Part 3

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Team Pride decided it was time to get into shape. This week we feature Shevelle Rhule who took on Barrecore over two weeks to help her get that perfect summer body.

The Facts:

Weight before: 9st 12lbs
Weight after: 9st 8lbs
Body Goal: Flat stomach for summer
Exercise: Barrecore
Secret weapon: 30 days inch loss solutions

I’m not one to show off but for the last year and half I’ve always thought I was relatively fit. I completed 60 days of abject physical punishment otherwise know as Insanity and before that endured a stint at a bootcamp in Devon where we exercised eight hours a day, ate 1200 calories and I cried uncontrollably so it’s fair to say I’m in decent shape. That being said I’ve never been able to achieve the holy grail of fitness – a flat stomach of Rihanna proportions. So when this fitness article was pitched I was more than happy to volunteer my services.

Day 1:

Ask me to run 10K, enrol me into military fitness or a heavy-duty boxercise class and I’ll happily comply but the more graceful yet strengthening activities like yoga and pilates, I hate with a passion. I’ve never been able to touch my toes and I’m about as flexible as an elephant. But obviously this is where I’m going wrong in my quest for a flat streamlined belly, so I enrolled myself at Barrecore – a fusion of high energy, low-impact movements inspired by ballet, yoga and pilates and with the word core in it’s name I knew I was at the right place. I had a one-on- one session with Gemma, which was pretty hard, I found my muscles were shaking in the position I was asked to hold and I struggled to remain in it for the required time. I left pretty disheartened but was encouraged to keep going as I would see results after 8-10 sessions.
Day 4: I’ve always known that the biggest battle to getting the body of my dreams is with food. So I had a meeting with Karen Cummings-Palmer a certified health and nutritional coach for a few pointers. I was told if I cut out sugar from my diet and by making small changes like swapping my morning breakfast of porridge or yogurt and fruit to eggs five times a week a flat stomach would be within my grasp. I was to limit my dairy intake, swap bad carbs like bread and rice for rye bread and quinoa and to heartbreakingly abstain from carbs after 7pm.I also started taking 30 Days Inch Loss, which promises to help you to shift excess fat from your waistline and drop a dress size.

Day 9:

I’ve been a Barrecore demon and gone to six classes this week. I have been further motivated by the fact that I’ve just booked a holiday of a lifetime to Cuba and want to look good on the beach now more then ever! I have tried every class they have to offer; BarreMixed, a tough conditioning class of isometric movements that uses your own body weight as resistance, BarreBootcamp which is hardcore interval training for max fat burning, BarreCardio and my favourite BarreDance that had me booty shaking to Beyoncé. I also bumped into Princess Beatrice in one of my classes – who would have thought I would be exercising with a Royal!

Day 14:

After two weeks of hard physical graft, a diet curbed of sugar (I didn’t have the willpower to go sans rice and chocolate for two weeks) the end result is pretty good. I am the proud owner of two semi formed six packs thanks to the million and one stomach crunches I did and an inch off my waist. I can’t say my stomach looks exactly like Rihanna’s but I feel fit, toned and sexy and that will do me just fine.

Barrecore is £28 per class and packages start from £135 barrecore.co.uk
30-day Inch Loss Solution Bundle, including Waistline and Colon Cleanser £49.99 revital.com

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