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Why did you decide to open an online vintage store?
We live in a world of so much waste and the statistics surrounding the amount of clothes which goes to landfill is mind-boggling. We feel that the reuse of materials and ethics of recycling are important for our environment, and this can be expressed in a fashion-forward way. We hope to break the mumsy stereotype of ethical fashion and bring it to the youths – this is why I started the company.

How do you go about sourcing the clothes?
When I’m on tour with my music, I find unique pieces and we work with a lot of emerging designers from fashion schools who upcycle clothes (converting unwanted item into something new). Our main ethos is to bridge the gap between talent and recycling in the fashion community.

Why the move from music to fashion?
I love fashion, it’s a part of our culture. I always wanted to get in fashion but it’s only now that it’s happened full throttle. Music and fashion go hand in hand so well.

What are your future plans?
We are launching our first sustainable collection, which will be showcased at London Fashion Week in September. The fashion communities are responding well to the collection and we’ve had some interest from huge high street giants.

Any tips for readers who are wary of vintage clothes?
Be free, take your time and remember your contributing to the environment. Express yourself through fashion and build your own identity.
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