Pride Loves: Jill Scott – ‘You Don’t Know’

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It’s true what they say that “good things come to those who wait”. Having waited four years for some new music from the songstress, Grammy Award winning artist and our March cover star, Jill Scott, gives us a very emotional lesson on love in new single ‘You Don’t Know’ from her upcoming album.

The video for the single is set in a studio and is simple and understated, focusing solely on Jill’s incredible voice and the powerful instrumentation that supports her. The song has a distinctive blues and jazz feel, with heavy horn sounds, sultry saxophones and sweet harmonies that perfectly compliment Jill’s vocals. American drummer Questlove, best known for being part of band The Roots, even makes a cameo in the video.

In our interview with Jill in the March issue, she warned us of the emotional content of her new album. “It’s raw, it’s sometimes funny and it’s emotional’ she told us, ‘not in a way that’s going to make you cry all the time but you might shed a tear, and I know you’re definitely going to laugh.”

That emotion is definitely evident in the song, where she sings “when the night-time comes do your tears fall like rain? And in the morning do they fall all over again?” The video also portrays an emotional Jill on the verge of tears as she sings about the pains of love.

It’s a must listen, and the unbelievable sound of Jill’s voice, her band and the passionate lyrics are sure to send chills up your spine.

‘You Don’t Know’ is available now on iTunes. Watch the video for the single above.

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