Hottest Summer Hair Accessories

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How to rock hair accessories like a pro

by blogger  Wunmi of  Woman In The Jungle

Wunmi - WomanInTheJungle

Bobbles, barrette, ribbons are my earliest memory of accessorising my hair and a way of beautifying any bland style. As I aged the idea of wearing accessories in my hair didn’t seem quite as cool as it once did. Developing a love for hair and its capabilities to take on a multitude of different forms, meant accessories has now become an additional opportunity for self-expression. Below is some of my trend led inspiration for rocking hair accessories this season.

1) Florals with a twist…or braid

Every spring we see the return of florals in both fashion and hair styling. Whereas last year the big bold floral crown was the most popular, this year Flora are worn a little more subtly. Use small fresh (or faux) florals in an array of different colours. Intertwine your florals in braided crowns or down the length of fishtail braids for a more whimsical romantic feel. For short hair you can creatively plant your small floral pieces throughout your mane for a similar feel.

2) Blinged buns & ponytails

Another ideal look for protective style lovers is to decorate your topknots & ponytails. The high bun as well as low ponytails will be back as the official spring/summer hair look. Add a bun/ponytail cuff to the base of your finished styles for some extra jazz, or utilise an old arm cuff you no longer use.

3) Adorned & crowned in art

For the more daring, looking for a standout creative ways to incorporate accessories in to their hair styling, crown yourself in art. Marie of is perfect at doing this. She always manages to adorn her mane in the most interesting crown pieces. This way of wearing accessories lends itself well to the DIY savvy, so get creative with all your odd earring and broken necklaces.

4) About that wrap life

The headwrap has taken pride of place on the heads of some of the trendiest. Wear bold printed fabrics that compliment this season’s trend of bold patterns on clothing. @thewraplife over on Instagram is an amazing resource for wrap inspiration as it showcases women’s creative styles with the head wraps that they sell. Head wrap tip: Wearing a satin or silk scarf under cotton fabrics before creating your final wrap look will prevent moisture loss from your strands.

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