Summer Holiday Tips for Natural Tresses

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This summer get HOT but perhaps not SIZZLING hair!

  • Moisturize Magic

Heat from the sun can dry out our hair so it’s important to moisturize your hair inside and out – drinking water is important all year round – but especially in hot weather. To help maintain moisture levels also use water based products such as Cioccolatina Bamboo Milk (£9.50), which can be used on a daily basis without residue or build up.


  • Sun Screen

As much as we love that sun kissed look, our hair needs to be protected from the UV rays. Just like with the over use of straighteners, the sun can lead to dry brittle hair especially if it’s dyed. Be sure to use a UV protection spray like Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil (£20.50) which is non greasy yet water resistant.


  • Protective Styles

The summer is also a good time to experiment with protective styles, low manipulation styles such as box braids, Havana or Marley twists, even a high bun is great for protecting hair against environmental aggressors. Remember when opting for braids or extensions you must still look after your hair. Try Anita Grants Jasmine Flower Water (£4.95) to infuse hair with moisture but also give your braid or twist a beautiful aroma.

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