Drake v Meek

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Another day, another beef. Meek Mill has been speaking his minds no holds barred on Twitter this past week. Apparently Nicki Minaj’s beau is less than thrilled with her YMCMB colleague Drake after apparently finding out that he doesn’t write his own raps. Nicki has been radio silent on the topic- busy with her own social media battles– and no other rappers appear to be rushing to Drake’s defence nor corroborating Meek’s allegations.

Yesterday Drake fans and haters alike could finally catch their baited breath when Drake opted to respond not in 140 characters like Meek but by doing what he does best- Drake dropped anew track ‘Charged Up’. On the track Drake says “I seen it all coming / Knew they were pushing buttons / Easter egg hunting / They gotta look for something / Done doing favors for people / ‘Cause it ain’t like I need the money I make off a feature”. ‘Charged Up’ shows Drake can rap- unless he had a Ghost writer work really fast- but mostly reminds fans what he is made of, and why he is so popular. Drake famously made the ‘sensitive’ story telling rap style a hit with hip-hop and pop fans alike.

We hope Drake isn’t a fraud, after all rumors like this so often surface about successful rappers, surely they can’t all be true? Besides when has a rapper’s career ever really suffered because of such claims? Now the real question is will Meek respond, and will Meek and Nicki survive…

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