Health & the relaxer

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 How to achieve healthy hair whilst relaxing

Pride’s top six ways to get the best out for relaxed tresses.

  • Your hair must be in the right healthy condition initially to withstand a relaxer service. Always have a consultation with a good salon to find out the condition of your tresses first.
  • Be prepared to invest in the right products to suit your individual hair condition. From heat production to a gentle shampoo and conditioner – it all matters!
  • Maintain your hair professionally with visits to a reputable salon for regular salon prescription treatments to suit your hair and scalp.
  • The frequency in which you relaxer your hair is important, too much will cause breakage but also too little will do the same (depending on curl pattern). Also how straight you break the natural bonds down to to achieve your desired straightness can affect the health also.
  • There are so many factors that can affect your hair and the healthiness of it – lifestyle, diet, soft water and climate can all impact the condition of your hair and in turn, the results of having a relaxer.
  • Stick to reputable brands like Avlon and Mizani – they have a big range of relaxers available including specifically formulated ones for coloured hair and sensitive scalps.


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