Oil of Beauty

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Celeb Faves

Beauty oils are fast becoming the next best thing in skin perfecting regime.We find out which celebs use natural oils in their beauty methods.

Padma Lakshmi– Uses jojoba oil to help her flaking scalp: “to fight flakes, I microwave a cup of this and massage it into my scalp. My Grandmother used to do it on the stove.

Jourdan Dunn-  “Motherhood is all about getting the right balance and being more organised than before. While I was pregnant I rubbed Bio-Oil all over my body, morning, noon and night.”

Santi Gold – ‘Travelling on airplanes is the worst thing for your skin. I use Éminence Organic’s Lemon Cleanser, it’s a really light lemon cleanser that’s really moisturizing, almost like washing with a light lemon oil’

Thandie Newton– “I use olive oil as a body moisturiser. I also use it on the ends of my hair. If I’m making a salad and there’s some leftover olive oil on my hands, I’ll rub it on the ends of my hair the way I would a serum.”

Lupita Nyong’o – “I use avocado oil and Hawaiian kukui oil on my face. I like to keep things natural, simple, and straightforward.”

Zoe Saldana– “I put olive oil on the ends of my hair every now and then, and I’ll will take just a spoonful of raw olive oil because it’s supposed to be very healthy.”

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