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Tips on wearing wigs by Andree Marie


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I do love a good wig for protective styling; it lets your hair rest whilst you try out something new, such as colour or even a style that you will never try with your own hair. I am all about doing styles that make your life easier while looking fabulous and with the right wig you can have the flexibility to change your style whenever you please. Whether you are natural like me or relaxed here are some tips for you

1) Do your research

Look around for a good wig company or a good hairdresser who makes them, read reviews if it is a professional company too, Youtube is a great help and so is Instagram and Facebook, also look at pictures for how they look on real girls, it really helps.

2) Blend your hair

This is probably one of the most important tips, making sure you have a good realistic wig that blends well with your hairline and scalp, you may need to leave some hair out but if you cant, its all about having a good and believable wig cap.

3) Personalise your style

Not every wig comes styled and prepped and sometimes this is for the better, if you can’t do it yourself, take your wig to a trusted hairstylist to get it trimmed, a fringe cut in, layered or even thinned. A custom cut can make a world of a difference and easier for you to handle.

4) Forget the myths

Contrary to some beliefs not all wigs fly off your head when the wind blows, most companies now make sure that wigs have grips and have a good stretch. For added security add elastic band (usually the clothing kind) for extra hold


Hair trend

This summer we are seeing less over the top ombre’s and more flawless colours, highlights and tones that compliment skintones and hair styles. Alternatively a good solid colour with a sharp haircut will take you from normal to striking.


Itchy scalp? Try Tresemme Renewal Hair and scalp to soothe the scalp, its non oily and relives instantly, I love the no fuss bottle which make it easier to apply too.

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