Lady Lykez: Exclusive Interview

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Lady Lykez is one of the UK’s hottest female rappers and has just released the music video for her latest single ‘Chat 2 Your Man’ already gaining over 200k views on YouTube. The female artist is changing the game, as she will become the first female rapper to perform at ‘Lord of the Mics’ tonight. Lykez has received the most views so far for her Lord of the Mics hype session, getting her extremely excited for the show. Pride’s Rhia Harry spoke to Lady Lykez about her new single and what it’s like being a female in the music industry.

What inspired you to write your new single “Chat 2 Your Man”?

One of my friends went through a situation where she was talking to a guy and his baby mother ended up calling her up and was being really abusive. It actually came from a joke, because we were like “chat to your man init.” So I was like … I might have to do a song about that because I’m sure a lot of people can relate to it, I’m sure a lot of people have seen it. That’s the concept really.

Female vs. Male Rappers, do you think it’s harder to get recognition because you’re a female?

It doesn’t matter what gender you are, if you’re talented you’re talented. I feel like I’m better than most of these [men], just because I’m a girl, I don’t care … I’m going to kick off the door this year. There are so many guys. I feel like girls should stick together a bit more as well.

What are your musical influences?

They come from loads of different people and I feel like that’s why I never really sound the same … my influences are so vast.  If you were to look at my phone, I don’t have a lot of hip-hop, as people would expect. I love the Lauren Hills, I love old school Tina Turner. Obviously you got the rappers influences, like Eminem, definitely one of my favourite rappers.

Who would you like to collaborate with? 

Busta Rhymes and Timberland, those guys who are really creative when making their music.

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Courageous, cheeky & fun.

Who are your favourite UK artists at the moment?

I really like Geko, I really like his vibe. I rate Lady Leshurr, and I rate … Ms Banks, I think she’s really good.

What is your favourite memory from your music career so far?

When I supported Method Man and Red Man in Bristol. I got to meet them, I was just backstage chilling with them before they went on stage, so that was crazy, just jamming. That was a really good experience.

What challenges have you been through that you’ve overcome?

At the end of last year I started to feel like being a girl was kind of stopping me in a way. Now I feel like since ‘nobody can’ it’s like the boys are starting to bow down.

When did you know that music was definitely what you wanted to do?

My cousin gave me some of his lyrics, like four bars and I just had to repeat it, and I was like I want to write my own bars. I got a name for myself, then I met one guy, and we had a little studio session; After that I was just like yeah I want to start making songs, I’m going to start making tunes, not just spitting. After that I was so hungry, I was like, yeah this is me this is what I want to do.

What makes you different from the rest?

I don’t think I’m just a rapper, I think I’m very musical. I feel like I’m a writer, and I’m definitely going to get into writing songs for other people. I co produce a lot of my stuff as well; especially some of my new stuff I’ve really got involved in it, and I feel like there’s a lot more to me.

What have you got planned for the future?

Take every opportunity … just make the most out of everything and just keep smashing it man.

Lady Lykez’ new single ‘Chat 2 Your Man’ is now available on iTunes.

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