Little Simz: ‘Dead Body Part 2+3’ Featuring Stormzy and Kano

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Little Simz returns with the sequel to “DEAD BODY”, one of the highlights from her impactful debut ‘A curious tale of trials + persons’.

The newly released track features two of the most respected and impactful Mcees from the UK Stormzy and Kano, and is now available to buy on iTunes.  

The ‘Dead Body’ track received a lot of praise and public support after Simz released the official music video on Vevo, gaining over 300k views. The 21 year old has definitely proved why she is a hip-hop phenomenon as this new track provides 5.43 minutes of pure gold!

As well as delivering new verses alongside two of the most talented and popular London Mcees for ‘Part 2’, the track transitions into ‘Part 3’ as Simz delivers a stunningly frank lyrical encore over a hypnotic soundscape produced by Prezident Jeff.

“This one is really special. Not only do I have 2 of my favourite emcees on the one track, I also get to get a few things off my chest …  it is the perfect encore to my debut.” – Little Simz

Buy “DEAD BODY PART 2+3” here.

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