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The UK songstress Little Nikki on curls, weaves and why blondes have more fun!

It’s so cool to have curly hair … because people can’t curl their hair to look like yours but you can straighten it to look like you have straight hair.


I shaved a bit of my head above by my neck a couple of years ago … At first it was cool it looked nice when it was up, but then when I decided to grow it back it wouldn’t fit in a ponytail and it wouldn’t curl, so I had this random straight bit at the back of my head!


My favourite salon is Ginger group in Ealing Broadway… They really listen to you and don’t just cut it all off. My hair doesn’t grow that fast so if I have split ends and they cut it really short I’m like you’ve just ruined nine months of my life, thank you!


I wouldn’t want to wear a weave because I love my hair….   I love that I can have it straight or I can brush it out and it can be an actual Afro or I can wear it curly. And it’s a lot cheaper – weave are expensive!


I’ll wet my hair in the morning and use Tresemme conditioner, and then I just rinse it out but leave some of the conditioner in and blow-dry it until it goes big. I also put Argan oil in it to keep it fresh and healthy looking.


I wouldn’t leave the house without properly doing my hair… my hair and my eyebrows; those are the things I focus on.


I use 3% bleach to get my hair light; Blondes do have more fun… you get away with things, I had a cab driver and I didn’t understand his jokes and he said “maybe it’s because your blonde”, instead of admitting I didn’t get it I just said “yeah”!


My hair… is about 60% of my identity

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