My Runway London Edition: The Review

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Pride Intern Priscilla Quarco had the pleasure of attending the My Runway show at the Indigo at the O2 on Sunday 6th September…

The night started off with a pre-show art exhibition in the VIP area by Koby Martin- the artist behind the Krept and Konan album art. Fortunately we had the chance to discuss his artwork and one of his favourite pieces titled ‘God’s Gift’. “Personally I feel that what I’ve been blessed with, I should use to glorify God and every time I do it he blesses me to be the best I can be.”

God's Gift

The song Ojuelegba Remix by Wiz Kid featuring Drake and Skepta inspired one of our favourite pieces. “Skepta spat a bar saying ‘my mind holds more bullets than your gun’, that’s just powerful. In a sense I thought I’ll create it visually in my own way and in my own understanding.”

my runway

Model and actress Suelen Tenn hosted the main show. Although the audience were not so responsive to her jokes, she managed to keep the show together until her right hand man Eddie Kadi joined her on stage after the interval.

Fashion highlights of the night had to be the designer Euphemia-Ann with her brand Sydney Davies. Before her collection was showcased she described how her clothes were African inspired and some of the prints were stimulated by aerial views of parts of Africa where water had dried up and left organic shapes on the ground.

Sydney Davis - Ajayi360 Photography

Sydney Davis – Ajayi360 Photography

Her bold and bright pieces were a breath of fresh air. The block colours used in her designs and her apparent passion for her clothes made Euphemia- Ann’s collection so much more enjoyable to watch.

An obvious audience favourite was the start of Rebecca Tembo’s line of elegant eveningwear pieces. Now we all love to see a handsome man in a suit so that part was incredibly appealing to the eyes and the song choice of James Brown’s “Man’s World” definitely topped it off.

Rebecca Tembo - Ajayi360 Photography

Rebecca Tembo – Ajayi360 Photography

Shade was definitely thrown by designer Saffie of Saffie Styles. When asked by host Suelen how she was finding the evening so far, she responded with a flat “its alright at the moment” Suelen then responded “Anyways!” -awkward to say the least. Suffice to say Saffie was not entirely alone in her sentiments, as the show ran behind schedule and while the models worked the stage, there was no actual runway to speak of. None the less it was an enjoyable night and a very effective production.

The night also featured a lively performance by Tion Wayne performing his song “Cant Go Broke” featuring Afro B, which certainly got the crowd pumped up.

The show definitely achieved its goal of combining fashion with theatre, music and dance. The choreography performed by the models and the song choices on the night displayed careful creative vision. If Sunday night was just the beginning of the My Runway London editions then I’m excited to see what else they have in store next time around.

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