Tiggs Da Author: Official Music Video for ‘Georgia’

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Tiggs Da Author is an eclectic soul singer who has newly released his debut single ‘Georgia’ along with a brilliant official music video.

Born and raised in Tanzania, before moving to London at the age of eight, the 25 year old has a developed a mixture of different tastes. With heavy influences by 60’s documentaries, East African Jazz, Grime MC Dizzee Rascal and Motown acts, the multi-faceted rapper, singer, songwriter and producer is truly one of a kind.

The Debut single ‘Georgia’ is full of snappy instrumentation, cheeky one-liners and a hugely captivating chorus. It’s a perfect introduction to Tiggs’ unique sound, which has echoes of Ray Charles, Finley Quaye and Andre 3000, creating something you’ve never quite heard before.

Tiggs is currently putting together his debut album and is trying to produce something unusual, which we’re definitely excited for. He said: “I’m creating a movie with each track, it’s all a slice of my life… I’m not a pop act that’s been put together. This is very much my vision, my execution.”

Pride had a great chat with Tiggs about what he’s been up to, what we can expect from the new album, and even the secret behind his stage name! Make sure to have a read in Novembers print issue.

Listen to ‘Georgia’ on Spotify.



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