Achieving The Ultimate Wash & Go!

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By Blogger @Iamtraeh


It’s getting warmer outside so of course it’s time to bring out the wash & go’s! Some shy away from wearing their hair in a wash & go because of the shrinkage but I say, embrace that shrinkage! Wash & go’s are a life saver for me! I love doing wash & go’s because they define my coils and can last me almost a week if done correctly! I know that plenty of naturalistas struggle with the time that it takes to style their hair, whether they are prepping their hair for a braid out or twist out, but wash & go’s are so easy and save me a lot of time.

Here are a few tips to achieve the ultimate wash & go!

Start On Clean Hair!

If you are trying to achieve the ultimate wash & go, always always always start on clean hair! Some gels and moisturizers don’t mix well, so if you already have product in your hair, it may leave behind an unwanted white residue.  Start by washing your hair with mild shampoo or cleansing conditioner. By making sure that you start on freshly washed hair, you avoid the white residue that some gels and stylers may leave behind.

Keep Calm, More Gel!

To get the ultimate wash & go, gel is key! Apply your favorite gel to soaking wet hair (my favorite is Ecostyler gel). Use your handy dandy fingers to rake through your hair to make sure the gel is evenly dispersed. Be sure to coat all of your hair so that each strand is defined and frizz free.

Shake It Like A Salt Shaker!

Once you have applied the gel, cover your face and shake your hair like a crazy person. No seriously, give your hair a good shake. By shaking your hair, you will separate your kinks and coils and remove the excess water.


To achieve the ultimate wash & go, there is no need for heat so you can put the blow-dryer away. Allow your hair to air dry. If you MUST speed up the drying process, flip your head over and scrunch your hair with a t-shirt. As your hair is drying, it’s super important to keep your fingers off of it. If you touch and play with your hair while it’s in the drying process, it will become frizzy. (For some styles, frizz is okay but not for the ultimate wash & go).

Now go rock the ultimate wash & go this season!

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