African Toyitoyi ‘Barbie’ Dolls

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If you were excited about the Zendaya Barbie doll, I’m sure you’re going to go crazy about these gorgeous black dolls.

Out of desperate need for darker skinned dolls due to children’s distorted perception of beauty, especially on the African continent, the Toyitoyi toys have finally been born.

The lack of diversity shown through dolls is appalling and offensive as children grow up admiring and playing with white, often blonde dolls that look nothing like them, to which they may grow up wanting to look like someone other than themselves. However Toyitoyi dolls are an act to change this as this wide range of african dolls show realistic perceptions of beauty.

The name ‘ToyiToyi’ is a fun and catchy name from Africa that means “to dance and sing in protest about some real or imagined wrong by people in authority.” This enforces the aim of their brand which is to actively protest against the lack of black toys in Africa.


Toyitoyi dolls are starting to go into many stores across different countries and after the anticipated success of the black dolls, the small company have hopes to expand in order to start designing a larger range of toys to suit all skin types and colours!

The company’s inspiration comes from the people and colours of Africa and want to embrace the beauty in all people that call Africa home. They hope to produce a whole collection of  black and brown toys which will start to change the way children, communities and society define beauty.

Purchase any doll of your choice here.

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