Competition: Barely Lethal DVD Out Now

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This action packed teen comedy could almost be seen as a light hearted, funnier version of the film ‘Salt’. Under the watchful eye of Maxwell Hardman (Jackson) Megan Walsh (Steinfeild) has been trained as a special ops agent from a young age learning that the life of an agent means a life alone. Defying this rule Megan uses a golden opportunity to escape into the real world and attend normal high school in order to form real relationships with people. Megan soon realises that normal teenage life is not what is shown in the movies.

Starring:Jessica Alba, Samuel L Jackson, Hailee Steinfeld, Sophie Turner

Directed By: Kyle NewmanBARELY_LETHAL_DVD2_2D copy

Out now on DVD and Blue Ray!

For your chance to win a copy of the DVD just tell us the name of the lead character in an email to Along with your name, number and address.

Competition closes Friday 20th November

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