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Pride chats to the Creative Director Natasha Wright.


The Uni-Sex Designer: An Orginal Leroy


Tell me about the origins of An Original Leroy

I named the label after my late father Leroy as homage. He really taught me to embrace my creativity and not to be afraid to be different. To find the confidence to swim against the tide and be yourself is and the primarily ethos of the label. Be original, be bold and embrace the differences, as it’s the differences that make you interesting.


You have launched a number of brands, tell me what you have learnt from this experience

My most commercially successful brand ‘Gabriella Ravello’ taught me that if the product is right then success can skyrocket. At it’s height the label was one of the best selling independent labels at Asos but when you are selling at that level if there is a weak link in the production chain and mistakes occur they can be costly. I learnt the hard way the importance of having an iron clad plan and process


What’s been a highlight for the label?

A highlight from 2014 was Ellie Goulding wearing numerous An Original Leroy pieces on her World Tour and I am extremely excited that 2015 will see a continuation of us working with various artists and musicians to create statement performance looks. I will strive to keep growing the brand and by being continually creative, innovative and original.


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