Lemar: New album ‘The Letter’ & Official Music Video Release.

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Multi-platinum selling, double Brit Award winner Lemar is back with a new album, ‘The Letter’ which is full of raw soulful emotion.

Recorded in the legendary EastWest Studios in L.A, where Sinatra recorded ‘My Way’ and Marvin Gaye made ‘Let’s Get It On’, the album is a merge of reinterpreted soul classics and brand new, original tracks.

Lemar has reinterpreted tracks by a who’s who of the great soul singers, including Al Green, Sam Cooke and Van Morrison, while purposely avoiding the obvious track choices to keep the album feeling fresh and new.

He knew ‘The Letter’ was a record that he would one day make, and the time has finally arrived. Lemar said: “If I was going to do this, I had to do it properly. My versions had to be raw and gritty. They had to expose the essence of the songs.” It’s a sumptuous soul record with a vintage sound, recorded live, perfectly showcasing his distinctive and versatile honeyed vocals.

Working on the album was Larry Klein, the legendary producer who has worked with the likes of Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell; also The Waters, who previously worked with Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and more recently Adele, which were the backing vocalists on the album.

Lemar has now officially released his music video for ‘Love Turned To Hate‘, the second single from his album. The emotive music video portrays the ups and painful downs of two different relationships whilst Lemar stands behind bright stage lights as he sings passionately through a vintage microphone.

The singer also recorded behind the scene clips from his experience recording the album in the studio, which you can watch right here. 

Lemar’s album is now available to buy here on iTunes.

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