Will Smith: Back To Making Music

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Will Smith returned to music for the first time after 10 years after making his appearance on the track Fiesta, created by the group Bomba Estereo who have been nominated for 2 Latin Grammy Awards.

Smith discovered the group on a trip to Columbia where he came across the groups original track of Fiesta, and said he just had get on it. The remix now debut’s at No.11 on Hot Latin songs.

Ahead of all that excitement, Will Smith has confirmed that he is making a musical comeback in an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1; he said: “I’m at the beginning of the process, you know, shaking the rust off, knocking the dust off”.

Although Will Smith has previously produced great hits, he admits that he’s “terrified” and said: “It’s crazy, ’cause when you’ve had a certain amount of success, it seems like it should breed confidence but it actually doesn’t.”

He continues: “When you win a lot, and you lose the ability to lose, you’re not aloud to lose anymore.” He compares himself to his careless and reckless kids who lack fear in creating as they don’t have a legacy to live up to, as he does.

Nevertheless, Smith doesn’t sound like the “losing” type, as he says he has been in the studio everyday and has already recorded 20-30 songs!

He also reveals in the interview that he’s “pretty certain” he’s going on a world tour. After many years holding a close friendship with DJ Jazzy Jeff, he has never had the chance to tour with him due to filming The Fresh Prince and commitments to other movies, so now is the time!

Will Smith ended the interview by cheekily revealing that there will possibly be a Bad Boys 3 film! It seems like a great year ahead for the star.

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