Future & Blac Chyna get intimate in ‘Rich $ex’ music video.

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Future dropped a sexy music video called ‘Rich $ex’ featuring model Blac Chyna (ex-girlfriend to Tyga) on Tyga’s birthday! What a lovely gift.

Though Future denied all the dating rumours between himself and Blac Chyna, they’ve definitely used it to their advantage and have gained a huge amount of publicity from this stunt.

Future and Blac Chyna danced and snogged each others faces off in different areas of the same Miami condo throughout the whole video, it seemed very repetitive and had no substantial or creative story line apart from the fact that they they like to continously kiss and touch one another.

If their aim was to annoy their previous partners (Ciara and Tyga) or to make them jealous, I don’t think it worked. The only reaction they probably would have had is a load of cringe worthy moments. I certainly did.

In my opinion the music video was a tad uninteresting. I don’t have any problem with seductive music videos – if they’re done correctly; this wasn’t done well at all.

What do you think? Watch the video above:

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