Macklemore & Leon Bridges perform their touching new single ‘Kevin’ at AMA’s

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Grammy Award winner Macklemore and Ryan Lewis debuted their new song at the American Music Awards which featured soul sensation Leon Bridges who sang the chorus between Macklemore’s gripping and passionate verses.

The powerful song brought up issues about addiction, recovery and death. It seemed like a retelling of Macklemore’s personal battles and issues as he raps “I hate myself, and nobody’s gonna cure this pain.” It was a very captivating performance as you could see the devotion and emotion through every lyric of Macklemore’s whilst he poured his heart out on stage.

It came together beautifully with the gospel choir in the background and Leon Bridge’s chorus: “Doctor please, give me a dose of the American dream, put down the pen and look at my eye, we’re in the waiting room and something ain’t right, all this is on you, we’re over-prescribed.”

Watch the performance above:

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