Slang words ‘Fleek’, ‘Yaaas’ and ‘Bestie’ have been added to the Dictionary.

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We aren’t talking about the urban dictionary, the place to find all the latest ‘street-lingo’ such as ‘trap queen’, ‘trill’ and ‘cheeky nando’s’, but the actual English dictionary. The worlds most popular dictionary and thesaurus dictionary.com has added 150 new slang words to the website including the words, fleekyaaas, kk, bestie and face-palm

Well, I’m actually not surprised that this day has come – our generation is very technology and popularity obsessed, so it was only a matter of time. It’s quite hilarious though, the young generation will be cringing at their parents using cool slang words – ‘face-palm’.

I really can’t imagine it being acceptable for a student to conclude their essay with “Overall I agree that King Henry is on fleek because he had so many wives, yaaas! – oh no no no. Though far from articulate, teachers actually might enjoy the read a bit more,  but until these words actually end up printed in the Oxford dictionary, I think we’re safe.

I do wonder if Collins or Oxford dictionary’s will deem these slang words as worthy and follow on this legendary moment. Something tells me they won’t.

Check out the rest of the words added such as ‘feels’ and ‘IRL’ (in real life) here:

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