Transitioning to Natural Hair: Tips from Taren Guy

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Many black women are now ditching the chemical relaxer and are transitioning into their own natural hair. We see a lot of women at different stages of their growth shoved in our face from YouTube and Instagram to the hair salon and the bus stop; it feels like they are everywhere, and it’s either exciting and motivating, or frustrating that you aren’t quite there yet.

Vlogger Taren Guy, curator of ‘Luv and Learn Your Hair’ Tour 2013-2014, explains that becoming natural takes a lot of patience, therefore you have to make sure you’re doing it for yourself and not just because everyone around you is doing it, and I agree. She also discusses that “awkward stage” and how to get through it positively.

Just because your hair isn’t as massive and wild as the girl sitting next to you, isn’t as straight or isn’t as curly, it’s OK. You need to learn how to rock your hair, because going natural is all about learning what your hair is like, and giving it the treatment it needs to show that you love it.

It’s not fashion statement or a trend, it’s a personal journey with you and your hair.

Watch the video here:

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