Beauty on Trial

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The Pride ladies test out the latest beauty trends and question whether they work on black skin.

The Trend: Grunge Eyes
Distressed, cool and a little slept in – grunge make up is THE beauty trend of A/W. Admittedly it does take a bit of work to look great when your make up is supposed to look bad so it’s a good job that the Pride ladies are putting this trend to the test.

Shevelle Rhule, Fashion and Beauty Editor:
I have sat many a time in front of a make up artist while they applied, blended and applied some more eye shadow, lashes and liner expecting to feel like a royal queen and well looking more like a queen you’ll find in Soho. But I was desperate to find a look that will get me away from my tried and test bold lip and nuIMG_7769de eye especially as it’s all anyone appears to be wearing these days! My initial thoughts where I looked like I resurrected from the land of the living dead because the deep black washed out my caramel complexion, but after some time I thought the look was pretty rad and gave me a trendy edge. I’m still a little on the fence but I think with a few tweaks – a false lash here and a bit of bronzer there – and I’ll be a fully converted grunge rock fan.

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