Black Beauty/Sensational Hair Awards 2015

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Sunday 29th November seated many of the top afro hairdressers in the UK, along with industry icons joining together to celebrate the 21st Black Beauty/Sensational Hair Awards.

The photographic competition was open to those who style afro-textured hair, after sending their images in they carried on with a two-part judging process that leaded to the best of the best being awarded.

Francesco Group’s Michelle Thompson was crowned double award winner leaving with Stylist Of The Year and Colourist Of The Year. 

Hair awards

The fabulous and stylish evening was hosted by BBC journalist Brenda Emmanus and was full of entertainment, with Comedian Slim giving the audience stitches with his hilarious stand-up routine and George Kosit’s tropical hair and fashion show.

With many expert hair stylists sitting under one roof, the support and celebration never stopped throughout the night.

This prestigious event leaves winners with a very high reputation that then greatly impacts their hairdressing careers. Black Beauty & Hair Editor Irene Shelley said: “‘Even though there’s a downturn in the economy which has impacted on services like afro hairdressing, our stylists still know the value of entering the Black Beauty/Sensationnel Hair Awards — it can put your salon on the map…” 

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