Monique Embraces Motherhood In ‘The Gift’ Music Video

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British singer-songwriter Monique has released the video to her latest single The Gift, which shows the beauty of the beginning of motherhood. The song was written for her unborn son at the time (who is now 6 months old) where she explores the joys and miracles of pregnancy and motherhood.

It has given me a bigger heart and that’s the greatest feeling ever”  Monique said.  She was 39 weeks pregnant during filming and was amongst 8 other pregnant women who were all very connected to ‘The Gift’ in their own individual ways. Some were experiencing pregnancy for the first time and others for a second and third, though they all were embarking on the same beautiful journey.

Each woman was shown with different powerful expressions on their faces which portrayed their stories in a precious way.  The video was very emotive, and brings the lyrics to absolute life.

Monique stated: “this will really inspire women, because becoming a mother is a huge life-changing experience.” 

‘The Gift’ is a wonderful addition to her 5-track EP where she explores themes around ‘finding yourself’ through the merge of music and fascinating stories.

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