Star Wars Premiere: John Boyega’s Special Moment

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John Boyega, 23, who grew up in South London is now swimming in Hollywood success from his fantastic lead role in the biggest franchise in film history – Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Last night the Star Wars European Red Carpet came to Leicester Square which live streamed for everyone to see.

John Boyega recorded the best red carpet moment of all time as he said with absolute joy: “I’m from Peckham, and I’m in a Star Wars movie.” to which he excitedly asked the camera man to show all his friends and family when he ran over to dance with them all.

Though he’s walked down the red carpet in Japan and L.A., Boyega was thrilled to be back in his hometown London, where it all started. He tweeted: “….Home is home! – Ah!”

From appearing in the small sci-fi comedy Attack the Block, to pop culture phenomenon Star Wars, Boyega made last night a mark of inspiration for all young rising black british actors, showing that diversity on our TV screens is definitely improving.

Though there are those few people who like to criticise, it doesn’t change the greatness on the horizon.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens broke UK box office history selling more than half a million tickets, and has been released in cinemas today, 17 December 2016.

Watch the trailer here.

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