Tinie Tempah Teams Up With Barclays’ LifeSkills Programme

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Lifeskills is a free, curriculum-led programme which offers young people aged 18-24 the ‘experience of a lifetime’.

Rapper and football fan Tinie Tempah has teamed up with the Premiere League and it’s sponsors Barclays in giving young people the opportunity to have week long placements with the likes of Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City as well as entertainment organisations such as The O2, Shazam and the Barclaycard Arena.

The programme acts as a mentor to young people by encouraging them to pursue their dream career’s and pushing them into the right direction within sport or entertainment.

Tinie said: “I see it as my responsibility to pass on what I have learnt and help young people realise that it’s possible to work in the fields they are truly passionate about” He added: “they just need the discipline and most importantly the drive to take that first step.”

Many young people have the potential to fulfil their dreams but haven’t got the right facilities or circle of contacts to do so. However the Lifeskills campaign aims towards attracting those young people and supporting those who have the determination and perseverance to succeed.

Watch the campaign video above:

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