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HELP! I Think My Boss Hates Me…
I’m sure that every one of us has thought this at some point and I’m also pretty sure that in 99% of cases it’s not true. Here are Pride’s top four tips to take charge of your relationship with your boss and make him  (or her) love you after all.

1. Keep your promises. This is super simple – if you said you would do something then do it. Show your boss that you are a reliable member of staff that can be counted on. By showing up on time every day, doing that task that you said you would do on time, finishing that big project or sorting out that filing cabinet you’ll become his go-to gal which puts you in a great position. If your boss trusts you to make good on your promises then more responsibility will come your way. 

2. Take responsibility vs. make excuses.  Of course there are those times when not matter how hard you try you just can’t deliver what you promised. If that happens take the easy route – accept responsibility for your actions. It goes like this – missed a deadline because you had to take your baby to the doctor’s surgery? Instead of coming in and making excuses just say, “I’m so sorry I’m late. I’ll make sure I compete my work as soon as possible”. Then let him or her know you’ve made arrangements to try to keep it from happening again.

3. Be a good team member. All bosses notice how people in their team get along. Believe me you want to be the fun one, the one that makes life easy for people, the one who never complains, the one who gets on with the job in hand, supports their colleagues, avoids drama at all costs and is generally lovely to be around. You want your boss to see that you’re a good person to work with and you’re there to make life pleasant for everyone. He’ll be pleased that he doesn’t have to deal with your issues.

4. Grow your own career. At the end of the day you are in charge of your career – no one else. Many employees sit back on their heels and wait for their boss to hand them opportunities to help them get ahead and progress their career growth. And although your boss is responsible for helping you to progress and grow you have to ask for what you want. For instance if you want to have more management responsibilities then ask your boss if you can manage an intern or a project. Your boss will appreciate your go-getting attitude.

Animal print is a big trend this season but it doesn’t have to be garish and in your face. Rock up to the office in any of these animal-inspired beauties for extra style (and career) points.

Alesha-Dixon-photo-2013CELEB CAREER BITE

On choosing your career path…“Do something that, when you wake up every day, makes you smile. Being happy is more important than anything else.” Alesha Dixon

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