X factor Finals: Reggie and Bollie

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Reggie ‘N’ Bollie, otherwise known as R ‘N’ B have broken records by becoming the first afro-beats artists to make it to the X-Factor finals. Although they are not the conventional X-factor candidates, their journey has shown the progression of the UK music scene as they have earned their place as genuine artists as opposed to being just Britain’s newest guilty pleasure.

In the end they lost out to Louisa Johnson, the 17 year old winner, but their performance at Wembley over the weekend proved them to be worthy contenders. Across Saturday and Sunday they put on an outstanding show with their usual mash-ups and high-energy performances. Their highly anticipated celebrity ‘duet’ saw appearances from Fuse ODG, and (as if that wasn’t enough) a return from the legend, Craig David. They have amassed so much support throughout this process, Reggie put it best when he said, “We came in empty handed, but we go out fully loaded”.

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