Beyonce Plans To Star In A Film About Saartjie Baartman

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There have been various rumours that Beyoncé has plans to write and star in her own movie based on the life of Saartjie Baartman, an African woman who became famous for her large bum. (There’s no surprise as to why Beyonce may want this role) 

However Baartman didn’t get the good kind of attention as Beyoncé gets for her large assets; Baartman was degraded and seen as a freak show. Her story is a mirror of the exploitation that black women’s bodies have gone through even up to this present day.

Although such rumours are unconfirmed by Beyoncé, many people have tweeted that she isn’t right for the role, including Chief Jean Burgess of South Africa who told News24: “She lacks the basic human dignity to be worthy of writing Sarah’s story, let alone playing the part…”

We all know that Beyoncé was brilliant as her most known role in Dreamgirls, however she was predominately singing in the film more-so than acting and I don’t think incorporating singing will help grasp the seriousness s of Baartman’s history.

Is she good enough for the role or is there another actress who could play this role even better than Queen B?

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