Film Review: Ride Along 2

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Ride along 2  is a humorous and playful comedy full of crazy and reckless antics.

Making a sequel to a great film is very risky, there’s so much to live up to which increases the chance of being easily disappointed. Luckily, this wasn’t the case for me.

Ride Along 2 was witty, silly and entertaining; the storyline was clever and it had much more creativity to it than the last film. One of my favourite scenes was when James (Ice Cube) and Ben (Kevin Hart) found themselves in a car chase which looked like a real life video game in Kevin’s mind, the ending was another one of his many ‘accidental genius’ moments.

Despite other critic reviews complaining that there wasn’t enough laughable moments; don’t let that put you off, most aspects of Ride Along 2 were bigger and better.  Yes, there could have been more comedic dialogue between Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, which is a flaw, however it doesn’t take away the many moments I did laugh. Furthermore, the film shouldn’t be judged purely on its comedy, it’s a holistic view of the whole picture. The explosions, the stunts and the whole entire production was high quality!

Truthfully I wasn’t constantly in stitches, nevertheless I was smiling on the way out of the theatre and as a whole it was a good film.

If you’re after an action packed movie with dramatic and crazy events whilst being forced to giggle here and there, this is the film.

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