Hair Trends

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Hair: Charlotte Mensah, Hair Lounge, London
John Rawson, The Rawson Partnership
Make up:
Nana Yaa Grant

Straight Talking
Whether natural or chemically processed one of the hottest way to wear your hair is in a long bob with a deep side parting.  To keep the shape without regularly using a flat iron, wrap hair around the head and sleep with a silk or satin scarf.

Big Easy
If you want to create a big ‘fro but haven’t quite got to your desired length in your natural hair journey then try crochet weaves. Start by braiding natural hair back and then past through kinky curly hair extensions through the braids with a crochet tool.

Balls of Glory
For a quirky way to wear Afro textures begin by section natural hair into large squares and plait half way down. Then add kinky hair additions and adjoin two braids together. Create the balls by folding the hair under and twirling the ends around the base and pin into place.

Point Break
Short hair does wonders for elongating the neck and bringing out cheekbones – get this look by shaving the sides and back of relaxed hair. Then straighten cropped hair up into points and define with molding paste.

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