ICOMS: ‘Imitation Of Life’ Film Screening

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2016 will mark In Celebration of My Sisters (ICOMS) 20th year, the UK’s largest and longest running organisation that brings African Caribbean women together to celebrate International Women’s Month.

The Bernie Grant Arts Centre will be hosting a special film night as part of the ICOMS celebration on February 19th, in association with The Black Cinema Club, showcasing an all time favourite ‘Imitation of Life’, the classic 1959 movie where love, race, women, and motherhood are significant themes.

The film tells a moving story of the difficulties that two women encounter during single motherhood and the issues their daughters try to overcome. Whilst Lora, a single white mother tries to chase her dreams of fame, she threatens her relationship with her daughter Suzie, who is being looked after by the black care-taker Annie. Annie’s real daughter who is light skinned can pass as white and therefore struggles with her black identity during a time period where racial discrimination was extremely evident. Starring Juanita Moore, Mahalia Jackson, Lana Turner and Susan Kohner.

From March 4th-6th, they will be more films, live music and comedy; with over 30 artists performing such as Mobo Award winner Yolanda Brown, X Factor’s Jennifer Phillips and special guest author Terry McMillan.

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