Kendrick Lamar Guest Stars In ‘Blackish’ Promo Video

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ABC’s hit sitcom Blackish have an hilarious promotional video where the kids come up with the idea to make a viral music video to Kendrick Lamar’s popular song ‘Alright’.

Although the To Pimp A Butterfly rapper isn’t co-starring on a full episode, his cameo appearance in the catchy one minute promo makes it brilliant.

Kendrick Lamar who is a big fan of the show definitely looks apart of the family as he casually sits on the sofa amongst the ‘Blackish’ cast eating a big red bowl of cereal – great addition.

The entire cast including Tracee Ellis-Ross and Anthony Anderson effortlessly mime rap the lyrics to his ‘Alright’ track whilst staying in character as they dance, make silly faces and take selfies with the star.

The US sitcom is currently on its second season and has included several rappers in the show including Jermaine Dupri and Diddy.

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