#Notjustforboys: Young women are missing out on future jobs

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The campaign #Notjustforboys has been launched today in a bid to ‘challenge stereotypes and and empower girls to achieve their career goals.’

Although more women in the UK are now in work than ever before, Britain’s young women are still at risk of missing out on the industries of the future.

Research shows that women are still underrepresented in many industries, such as in Graphic Design, Broadcast Media, IT Architecture and Engineering.

Employability charity Career Ready, has joined forces with the Government to launch two surveys asking young people aged 13 – 26 about their career aspirations.

Employment Minister Priti Patel said: “I fear that this generation will still face some of the same barriers that their Gen Y and Baby Boomer mothers and grandmothers did when trying to get into some careers that are typically monopolised by men.

She continued: “I want all girls to grow up knowing that they can have any career that they want.”

The campaign is hoping to open the eyes of young women to help push them to achieve well-paid jobs in industries they may have never considered. As well as help, all they need is ambition and motivation to be successful.

Take the survey here: 

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