DICE FM: ‘Girls Music Day 2016’

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DICE FM, a live music and ticket site will launch Girls Music Day 2016, an event full of workshops, talks and special guests to help inspire women aged 14-24 who have dreams of perusing a career in the music industry.

“Every year you see the same story – there aren’t enough female headliners at festivals, DJ Top 100s are 100% male, female artists being patronised and objectified.” said Jen Long, Music Editor at DICE. Instead of sitting back and letting the cycle continue, she is making a difference through Girls Music Day 2016, breaking down a few barriers for dreams to become at reach.

The event will take place at Sonos Studio in Shoreditch on March 12th, in light of International Women’s day on March 8th.

It will consist of two main parts; a music session hosted by female artists and DJs in the morning, and a series of talks with industry professionals from Rough Trade, Transgressive Records, Because Music, and Caroline International amongst others in the afternoon.

Women need to be encouraged that their gender doesn’t define their future and although men have the easier route, there are still people and organisations that want to give women opportunities that are lacked elsewhere.

To apply, enter the ballot here: 

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