‘In Nero: Black Girls In Rome’ Web Series

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Black Girls in Rome is a new scripted web series that follows the lives and adventures of a young black woman who decides to live in Italy after suffering a broken heart in New York.

The storyline is loosely based on the life of Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, owner of The English Schoolhouse, writer, directer and producer of the show.

Compromised of eight episodes, the series will not only highlight the typical Roman lifestyle but will show how Tamara attempts to adapt in a drastic unfamiliar environment and of course falling in love.

Reflecting on modern times, the series will also explore the struggles of both New York and Italy through visually stunning shots, giving viewers a mentally dazzling getaway.


During a time for the need of positive black women to identify with on our screens, this series presents an accurate and wonderful representation of black culture and shares the narratives of black women in an artistic way.

In Nero: Black Girls in Rome will debut in the Spring of 2016.

Watch the trailer above:


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