Rihanna Drops 2 Explicit Music Video’s For ‘Work’ Ft. Drake

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The internet is still buzzing after Rihanna released two explicit music video’s for her new single Work – featuring Drake yesterday afternoon, and it’s all bum, bum and more bum! – If you can’t twerk and have always wanted to, I’m sure you will learn a lot from these two videos.

The first steamy video shows everyone in the club drinking and dancing on one another, including Rihanna who grinds on Drake whilst against the wall.

She definitely revealed her huge sex appeal within the lustful video’s and surprisingly no one is calling the singer ratchet or objectifying, but that she “slayed” and if she wasn’t already, she is definitely everyone’s new woman crush wednesday every day!

The second full video is RiRi giving Drake his own private show, dancing provocatively in a short mini skirt and see-through nipple revealing top (she clearly doesn’t give a damn), whilst Drake enjoys the view on a couch in a room lit in pink and purple.

She proves you don’t have to buy a huge Nicki Minaj bottom to be able to twerk and ‘work’ her dance moves like she did.

Though, maybe not one to show the kids!

Watch the video above:

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