Chasing Destiny: Kelly Rowland’s New Reality TV Show

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Kelly Rowland was so fond of her stint as a judge in X-Factor, she has planned to create her own music competition show and judge it herself!

The former Destiny’s Child singer is on a quest to find the next biggest girl group  in her upcoming reality show Chasing Destiny and is determined to mould these women into stars. She said: “It’s Time for Another Generation to See Women Coming Together”.

If you are having visions of a miniature Destiny’s Child, we are too, and we are so ready!

The show will definitely be far more serious than X-Factor, which consists of several draining and awful performances before we can even get to a single star quality singer. Rowland is on a mission and I’m sure you will have to be very silly to embarrass yourself in front of Grammy award winner Kelly Rowland.

Kelly Rowland has already began her journey in the most anticipated talent search for the young ladies who are ready to make it big in the music industry – Destiny’s Child big!

Chasing Destiny will air on channel BET (Sky 187) at April 5th.

Watch the trailer above:

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