Hair Trends

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Hair: Jamie Stevens
Photo: Jens Wilkholm
Fashion: Ihunna
Make up: Gemma Aldous
Product: Matrix

Big Bang
Wear textured hair out and proud by brushing and backcombing natural mixed raced tresses. To get this texture on Afro hair start by blow-drying hair out on a low heat, spray a setting lotion and then twist. Once dry, brush with a paddle brush and let it do its own thing.

Cube Squared
Rather then the usual long swinging ponytail or topknot try adding an Afro addition instead. Slick hair up into a high ponytail and add the kinky addition securing with a headband.

Pin Up
Soft tumbling retro hair is the epitome of sexy. Get the look by brushing freshly washed and dried curly/wavy hair (or weave) and applying a light curl defining mousse. Then sleek one side around the back of the head and create some sultry lift at the front with your fingers.

Bold, directional and slightly inspired by the Irish pop duo best sum up this edgy look. The back and sides of the hair were shaved and long relaxed length is left on top, then a moulding paste is used to define tresses into a sleek point.

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